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About Us

Vedhik Technologies Private Limited is a software development and IT consulting company that was founded in 2020. Our company serves IT and non-IT organizations, helping to achieve a variety of goals and objectives with digital solutions and recent trend technologies

Mission and vision


Our company’s vision is fully defined by a simple but comprehensive phrase — We develop the world.


We develop software. We work alongside our clients to make the world a better place for everyone.


  • We do what we love and we do it well.
  • We take pride in our team and continuously evolve.
  • Working flexibly and openly, we get the necessary results.

Challenges we help to solve

●IT expertise gap

We help our customers get rid of expertise and technological gaps, offering the experienced teams of IT professionals to complete software development projects of any complexity.

●Cost reduction

Vedhik Technologies Private Limited Group provides IT outsourcing services and helps clients around the world to optimize software development costs. Our team has all the needed expertise to carry out turnkey projects, quickly complete tasks and bring all the benefits of outsourcing.


●Digital transformation

Our team can help you plan and implement digital transformation initiatives, covering all possible stages. Vedhik Technologies Private Limited Group is a reliable partner on the path to digital success and business optimization.


Looking for a reliable IT partner to start your digital project?

Looking for a reliable IT partner to start your digital project?


Why us?


For our company, the only indicator of the project’s success is the achievement of the goals and objectives set by the client. Due to high-quality project management and a team of IT talents, we carry out our work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our team already numbers 1000+ highly qualified IT professionals. It allows us to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients. We provide rapid team ramp-up and easily scale it up and down depending on the changing conditions of the project.


Our cooperation with clients is always open and honest. We ensure regular communication, an established daily reporting system, and tracking tools according to the client’s preferences. Thus, our clients can control all possible aspects of projects.



Vedhik Technologies Private Group has established well-managed processes to deliver software development services. They are based on the best examples of IT outsourcing and can be easily aligned to the specifics of customers and their projects.

Our team

Vedhik Technologies Private Limited Group brings together IT talents from CEE and Baltic regions and directs their vast expertise in technologies, industries, and technological domains to the benefit of customers. We employ the best professionals in the industry based on the principles of fair competition and meritocracy. Thus, 100% of our employees have university degrees or are in tahe process of obtaining one. Also, our team has 28 PhDs and 128 MCSs.
Our company has implemented a professional development system for employees to ensure their stable horizontal and vertical growth and improve their expertise.